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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

The EDDM postcard program is great for local businesses, who want to target specific areas of their local residential and business communities with a unique marketing piece. The post office delivers the postcard to each residential and business address by carrier route, allowing you to save 40% on postage costs, by following the post office guidelines for Every Door Direct Mail.

Local Marketplace helps you execute EDDM Postcard mailings and handles every phase of the process, including design, printing, EDDM mailing and helping you select the best target areas for your postcard mailing.

Local Marketplace Handles everything for you!

  • Graphic design
  • Quality 14 pt. UV, full-color postcard printing with specific EDDM size requirements
  • Carrier route selection, bundling, USPS postal paperwork completion, mailing and delivery to your local post office

Every door direct mail with Local Marketplace

Graphic Design Services:

Design $275 $325 $400

EDDM Postcard Printing Quantities and Sizes:

250 $199 $299 $399
500 $249 $349 $449
1000 $399 $499 $599
2000 $599 $699 $799
3000 $699 $799 $899
4000 $799 $899 $999
5000 $899 $999 $1099

Every door direct mail EDDM with Pulse and Local Market Place

EDDM Postcard Mailing Services

(includes EDDM postage of 17.5 cents per piece, selection of postal carrier routes, bundling of postcards in packs of 100, scheduling of mailing with local post office, printing and completion of paperwork, EDDM postage and delivery to local post office)

QTYCosts (Same for All Postcard Sizes)
250 $165
500 $205
1000 $355
2000 $595
3000 $835
4000 $1075
5000 $1315

To learn more about EDDM contact us at (717) 361-7861.

EDDM Additional Information:

Local Marketplace helps clients locally within a 20 mile radius of their main offices in Elizabethtown, PA to execute EDDM mailings and deliver them to local post offices. We also help clients nationwide to execute EDDM campaigns, where we design, print, bundle and ship the EDDM postcards to the clients, and then they complete all of the postal paperwork and deliver the completed mailing with postage payment directly to their local post office.

The EDDM program allows clients to send larger postcards for a significantly lower postage cost than they would normally be able to if they weren’t participating in EDDM Mailings. This helps you make a more significant marketing impact and be more visible to your local customers!

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"I received better response from the cover story in Local Marketplace than advertising full page ads in similar publications. No other publication has come close to these results!"
–Marco Sardi, Marco’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

"We've done over 50 new estimates already, directly from the article. And we had a number of previous customers who have called to say that they saw the article, and that’s leading to more work, too."
–Greg Bootay,
Eastern Mobile Wash

"Best advertising I’ve done in my 15 years in business!"
–Lori Houser, Xquisite Nail Design and Day Spa

"Local Marketplace has greatly helped us become more recognizable both in and out of our town. The Holiday issue, which happened to be our cover story, boosted our sales. We started receiving phone calls with questions the day that it came out. We like working with the art department as well as the sales reps. Overall excellent experience."
–Leda Eckman,
Simp-Lee Seafood