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When Dave Sattazahn started Environmental Controls and Service (EC&S) in 1988, he didn’t envision, almost 30 years later, that he would still be enjoying the family business quite as much as he is.


“We have a great team here. We work hard to satisfy our customers and share some good times together!”


With his previous experience in residential and commercial heating and cooling systems, EC&S started with Dave and one helper. Dave’s goal was to build a company foundation as a provider of quality products, a high level of technical experience and unmatched customer service


“Whether it’s residential or commercial customers, we truly believe we are offering you the best quality products at a competitive price.”


EC&S specializes in a wide variety of heating and air conditioning products. These include ductless heating and air conditioning systems, residential split systems, gas furnaces, oil, geothermal, hot water and a wide variety of indoor air quality products such as humidification, dehumidification and air filtration. Dave says that EC&S consistently researches the best products and new innovations for customers to use in their home or business. “We are just not going to pick any product out there that might be the cheapest, we want it to be the best solution for our customer!” Our main mission statement to our customers is ‘Expect More!’ We really want to give everybody the feeling where they are just blown away and ‘Wowed’ by their experience with us. Our goal with every customer interaction is to go above and beyond their expectations.”


Dave believes what sets EC&S apart from other HVAC contractors is their daily training program. “Every morning, we meet with service technicians and office staff, we role play and focus on customer service. We review what the customer expects in terms of communication and comfort. We learn about our industry and how to become better service technicians, comfort consultants and industry professionals.” 


“In the end, the goal is to offer quality HVAC products and build trust among our customers. We value long-term relationships and our goal is to satisfy them 100% that they feel comfortable recommending us to their friends, family, relatives and neighbors.”


And it is a family affair at EC&S, with Dave’s two nephews, Andy and Jon, involved in the business.


Andy Sattazahn joined EC&S in 2000 as a technician and installer and now focuses on sales and the overall management of the company. “Andy’s experience in the service side of the business is very valuable to customers who have specific questions about how a specific repair or installation of a new system can benefit them.”

Andy’s brother, Jon, joined the EC&S team in 2007 and is currently the service manager and dispatcher, overseeing service calls, scheduling, installations, working directly with the service techs and, most importantly, the customers. “Jon is very well known among our customers and has built solid relationships with them, Dave explains. “When somebody calls our office, they will usually speak with Jon or a “live person” who is knowledgeable about our company and the industry to take care of their problems.”


Roger Hickoff, one of EC&S’ most experienced technicians explains. “I have a lot of customers whom I’ve bonded with over the years.


Whether it’s their system running improperly and needs fixed or talking with them about their family. I treat customers as friends, because they’re human also, and we want what’s best for them, to keep them satisfied and to bring them a friendly face! I like to know customers are happy with my performance and to inform them of new products, whether it’s an ultraviolet light or additional filtration to help with germs, allergies and asthma or a humidifier which can help add comfort to their home.”


Chris and Erin Darr of Hershey recently had EC&S install a new split level heating and cooling system in their home. “Before, we had one zone for our entire house, so our second floor or bedrooms would be hotter or colder than the other levels depending on the time of the year, Chris explained.


The Darrs have 3 children and Erin said it was a challenge to keep everyone comfortable. “It is an older home, so the kids that were in the new part of the house were nice and comfortable and those of us that were in the older part of the house were either roasting or too cold. We were running a lot of space heaters and had some of the kids in winter sleepwear and others in summer sleepwear.”


“We are hoping this is our forever house, so when we were faced with this problem, we knew we needed to fix it. We probably spent two years with various contractors coming in and giving us solutions that may or may not have fixed the problem. Andy at EC&S was the first one to come in and get creative about it, almost be excited about it, and came back with a good solution that would actually fix the problem.”


Chris appreciated EC&S’ pricing options. “They gave us 3 price point options to fix the problems and kept our budget in mind. We picked the plan that worked best for us. As the project got started, we were constantly being updated with how things were going and what stage we were at, how much was completed and how much was left.”


Erin believed the attention to detail set EC&S apart from others. “Andy was very hands on and he walked through every single room in our house and told us where the exhausts and vents would be. We would say ‘oh, that is right over our bed’ and he would move it accordingly, so it was really tailored to our house.”


Chris was also impressed. “When the project was done, we walked around our house and I figured we’d have to touch up paint, we’d have a dinged doorframe or something from the guys being here and there was nothing.  It was well done and they were conscientious about being in our home, like it was their own family’s, and we really appreciated that.”


Dave Sattazahn feels that’s the biggest compliment for EC&S and their employees. “Even though this company is owned by some family members, everybody that works here is part of a family. The trainings every morning enable us to increase our camaraderie among the team. We see people’s positives and negatives and we work on both. We really have strived to be the type of company where everyone enjoys coming to work.” The team schedules an annual family day trip to Knoebel’s, fishing trips, “hot wing/bbq meetings” and their annual Christmas party. “We really work to make it a family environment that includes everybody,” Dave says.


That family atmosphere helps EC&S create a bond with customers as well. “It’s our family serving your family, says Andy Sattazahn. “Each of our employees enjoys visiting customers. They form relationships with them and several of our customers request that specific employee to come back the next time they need service. That’s a testament to our work here at EC&S.”


Brett Haldeman, owner of Haldeman Brothers Masonry, agrees. “I built a home back in 2000 and the original contractor that had installed the home heating system really did a subpar job.” After a year and a half of trying to work with them to make it right, he asked EC&S to stop out.


“Andy located a leak in the line that the previous contractor had missed and not installed properly, due to not using the right products and materials. EC&S’ service techs came out and within the matter of a couple days, had it fixed and had the system working.”


“Since then, I’ve had EC&S do a new home system for me as well. The workmanship was exemplary and the system worked great. All of my recommendations are always for EC&S to do the heating systems for friends and family. None of us have had any issues with the work they’ve done and we’ve really been impressed.”


“And ironically, Andy was the tech that did the work on our home and in the process, my wife found out he was getting married and ended up helping Andy and his wife, Jen with the flowers for the wedding. So, it was neat that a mutual friendship was built and taken to another level with EC&S.”


The process when EC&S visits your home on a service call is extremely important, Jon explains. “You will have a live person answer the telephone and dispatch a service technician. Our techs go through a 31-point inspection of your system to find out what the problem is. We will give you an upfront price before we begin the work so you know the cost and there are no surprises at the end.”


Andy says that careful process continues when you make the decision to have EC&S install a new system. “On an installation, we start with installing floor tape and floor protection throughout the house. Then, we carefully remove the old equipment from the house without damaging your property. We bring in the new equipment, install it and test it. And then we review all of the components with you to make sure you know how to work the thermostat, change the air filters and provide proper maintenance for the system.


“On a commercial call, every commercial application is different based on what type of temperature is needed and what level of humidity needs to be maintained. We review what type of equipment will be necessary to maintain those desired levels.”


Dave says “Customer Comfort” in choosing the right contractor is a goal at EC&S. “The major consideration of any customer during a service call or installation is the integrity of the contractor and the overall experience. We want to take away all of the concerns and worries in dealing with EC&S, so we offer guarantees that address any issues that they believe they would encounter. It could be a guarantee of keeping their home clean, a guarantee if the system would break down during a warranty period and getting them a hotel room if needed while repairs are being completed.”


“We also let them know they can ‘test drive’ that system for the first two years and if we cannot keep them happy or the system isn’t performing to their satisfaction, we will take it out and give them their money back. We address any concern or worry, no matter how small, that they have with the installation of a heating and cooling system.”


The Sattazahn family is extremely proud of the reviews you’ll find on their website (www.ECScomfort.com).  “You can visit the site and read the most recent reviews on the bottom of our home page. They are unsolicited and customers describe how they truly feel about the service that we performed for them,” Dave says proudly. “That means everything to us.”



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