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Glen Bootay remembers it well. Glen, owner of Eastern Mobile Wash, a commercial and residential power-washing company, was asked to come out and give an estimate on a house-washing project.

“It was a very large home, ” Glen recalls. “The owner was getting several quotes for the job, but when I went out to the property to do an estimate, I looked at it and told him it didn’t need to be cleaned, that it was immaculate.”

Turns out that was the best thing he could’ve said. The homeowner knew the house was clean already. He was actually looking for a trustworthy power-washing company for his construction business.

“Every other company just gave him a quote,” said Glen. “He hired us and we’ve done a ton of business for him because he can trust us.”

That story illustrates the integrity and customer service that Eastern Mobile Wash prides itself on. The company, which washes everything from residential properties and commercial properties to truck fleets and industrial sites, has grown and built a great reputation thanks to its employees.

“Our employees are great people and loyal to our company as well as to our customers,” Glen says. “The main reason for our success is because our employees care about their work and our customers. We’ve built a lot of repeat business because of that.”

Eastern Mobile Wash has 24 full-and part-time employees and customers all over South Central and Central Pennsylvania. Unlike similar businesses, Eastern Mobile Wash has enough work to keep employees on the job even through the winter months, which allows them to hire and retain experienced staff.

“Our residential crews each have a combined 10 years of experience and our commercial crews have over 40 years of combined experience,” Glen says. “Our truck washers have over 5 years of experience each. That stability and experience has had a positive impact on our growth and the trust clients put in us.”

The Eastern Mobile Wash process is simple. If a customer requests a quote, Glen personally goes out to visit them and review the home, business, or truck fleet that needs to be washed. He takes photos and leaves an estimate at the door if nobody is home.

“We breakdown the specifics of each item so customers can see what each service or each area will cost, and that allows them to pick and choose what they want to be washed,” Glen says. “Each customer knows what each item costs.”

Plus, Eastern Mobile Wash conducts business the old-fashioned way.

“We don’t require signatures, contracts or deposits,” Glen states. “We still operate our business on a handshake, and that has worked for us.”

If the customer wants to move forward after the estimate, Eastern Mobile Wash provides a list of reminders and important information prior to the visit and then works to get clients on their schedule within a week or two.

“A perfect experience is that the customer goes to work, comes home and doesn’t even know we were there—other than that their house is clean,” Glen explains.

Glen says that cleaning the exterior of your home every few years is a good investment.

“Homes are the biggest personal investment people make,” he says. “You wash your car all the time, but you’ll never wash your house. If you wait until you go to sell it, it will be stained, the dirt won’t come off, and it will cost you more in lost resale value than you would have spent to clean it in the first place.”

And it costs less than you might expect.

“People think it’s so expensive to get your home cleaned,” Glen says, “They’re pleasantly surprised when they get our quotes.”

Eastern Mobile Wash can clean any building they can access with a 125-foot lift. They’ve washed individual office buildings to campus style offices that have multiple buildings in one area. They can also waterproof any masonry surface after it is cleaned.

“We do a lot of apartment complexes and townhome complexes—these property managers get a big bang for their buck because we can be on-site for one or two weeks or in some cases a month and complete the entire project very cost effectively.”

The company is licensed and completely insured for commercial and residential work. In fact, because of the insurance they carry for commercial work, residential customers are incredibly well protected.

Their business philosophy is simple: treat customers the way you’d want to be treated. And that makes their customer service stand out.

“Our level of service is excellent,” Glen says. “We’ll move things off patios where a lot of companies won’t. We’ve provided that service before for the elderly, the handicapped and even if someone forgets. Our employees care and that’s what makes our company successful.”  

Got dirt? If your home, business, or truck fleet needs a professional cleaning, call Eastern Mobile Wash at 717-361-0801 to get a free estimate and see their honesty and quality customer service in action.

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